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The Hounds

Her mother rescued Mario (below), a 1 year old basset hound, from the Westland, MI Humane Society in 1994.  That was when Mrs. Nabors fell in love with basset hounds, never to look back.  That love has been carried into adulthood; she and her husband, Adam, are the proudest parents of Lucy (on the left) and Eugene (on the right).  Collectively, they are known as the “Sweet Ones Gang.”

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The Education

Growing up in an era before STEM programs, Mrs. Nabors was always drawn to science.  Accepted to the University of California-Berkeley’s College of Chemistry, she entertained a major in chemistry.  Mr. Spitz, her high school chemistry teacher, did so much to spark her interest toward a subject of atoms and their particles.  However, Kristin ultimately chose the in-state World Class University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.  She took an Introduction to Philosophy course her freshman year and had found her academic calling.  Mrs. Nabors recognized that to be trained as a philosopher meant the chance for success in many arenas of life.  If one can think well, one can live well. 


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