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A Vote for Lyman Nabors is a Vote for Humanity in Politics

(Okay, first question: Did the basset hound click bait work? If so, I may be onto something.)

I have been watching the Republican debates for a few months now; boy, those things get nasty. I sentimentally retreat to Mitt Romney and his "binders full of women" (that still cracks me up). Vivek and Nikki Haley talk like they're spitting nails onto the stage. I think we're all pretty much half listening, with our "zinger radars" on high alert. Sigh. The political campaign process seems to sort the chaff from chaff these days. Vivek Ramaswamy with his fast speaking cadence immediately sends my nervous system into overdrive. Haley has what I think is a tremendous stage presence, but squanders it by insisting that the GOP can and wants to set a new direction away from DJT.

The humanity that is on display during these events is so depressing. I'm sure if there were counterpart democratic debates this cycle, I'd feel almost, if not more so, the exact same way.

America is great at talking about what's happening (the 24H news cycle, social media), but rarely is the why discussed. The origin stories of the problems and challenges we now face. The precursors to our successes and growth. The why of the why. The why of why we're at this point, having to chose from these options? (I thought about adding a reference to Domino Theory, but then decided against it, b/c the Domino Theory is never right. Remember when AH tried to domino the rest of the continent and ran into that big domino called Russia?)

Thinking about how Roe V. Wade was overturned; in some ways, Senior Statesman Mitch McConnell was the one holding the matches. In 2016, President Obama nominated Merrick Garland as his choice to replace Justice Scalia, after his unexpected passing. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell "wouldn't consider" the nomination in a presidential election year and hearings were never set in motion. You know what comes after and now we have a lopsided Supreme Court, leaning conservatively 6-3. What a debacle.

Why did we invade Iraq again in 2003? WMDs that we never found?

The financial implosion of the world in the Fall of 2008? Financial miscreants playing with our money? Don't even get me started about the bailout.

Why is Congress only 28% women? Because we're busy running the version of the world that people actually live in?

Or what's up with this? (graph from US Bureau of Prisons)

Any coward can direct a drone strike. The Oz-behind-the-curtain is not our strength. For us Americans, compassion is strength. Being in-touch and in-tune is strength. Peace is strength. Respect is strength. An understanding of the ways of one's adversary upon which to develop diplomacy is strength. Knowing one's limitations and being able to pass on the torch is strength. Loving all the animals and plants we share the Earth with is strength. Open vulnerability is strength. The rest is fear. This is a fear-free campaign.

Brene Brown is a badass.

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