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Biden's Address to the Nation Last Night

Support Israel! Support Ukraine! But this time, it'll be different. Any politician trying to peddle anything to the American people besides an immediate cease fire, diplomacy and workable peace-driven solutions is an out-of-touch sadist.

Supporting democracy abroad while fighting the "bad guys" NEVER WORKS. And if it has, please give an example in our lifetimes of when it has.

Our leadership has forever tried to wind the clock back to WWII and re-run that playbook. "We're the saviors, the good guys and moral compass for the world." I wish that were true.

Congress needs a woman who promotes peace; not a lackey who supports yet more and more military aid to an already completely f-ed situation. And let's be clear. The words "aid" and "support" mean facilitating more death, trauma, lives destroyed, families destroyed, animals killed; we need a new playbook and leaders willing to look inside of it.

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