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Congressional Hormonal Imbalance: The 118th Session of Congress, The Final Chapter

Updated: Feb 6

Three hundred and twelve (312) out of 440 members (this includes 5 non-voting members) in the US House of Representatives are men. 75 of 100 US Senate members are men. We need to send another man to Congress precisely like we need a hammer to the head.

Good God.

I've spoken with voters. I've spoken with Republicans and Democrats alike. We all want change. We all want change so badly. Electing another dude is not that change. Electing another career politician is not that change. Electing another rich person is not that change. Electing another Democratic/Republican party bot is not that change. We don't have 20 years for someone to sit in that seat and do nothing, but bolster party politics and more acrimony on Capitol Hill. I believe in term limits and will term limit myself out. The stagnation in DC is killing our futures.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. We cannot ever expect stability, peace, a change in the tenor of DC, cooperation, a setting aside of egos for the greater good of the country when we have men running 75% of the show. How do I know this? History backs me up on this claim. Just look back at the last 10 Congressional sessions or more.

Honestly, I've lost count on the precise number of candidates running for the House seat in Maryland's 3rd District. I can tell you that I'm running and I am the only candidate to be running a non-0opportunistic campaign. I filed for candidacy 8 days before Rep. Sarbanes announced his retirement. The rest of the candidates were sucked in by the opportunity vacuum and now they're here. In droves. But you know what? Choice and options are beautiful things. I love that there are so many candidates to select from. This hasn't happened in District 3...ever? 2024 is going to be a great year for American Politics. Finally some oxygen is reaching the tired glowing embers of our Legislative Branch.

Over here at the Lyman Nabors Camp, we are proudly a Kitchen Table Campaign. AND WE'RE DOING IT!

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