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Elephant in the Room

Shaking my head this morning at Sen. Mullins and the Teamsters boss threatening each other in a Senate committee meeting yesterday (while sucking up time paid for by our tax money). I have been thinking about writing a piece like this for a long time. This event yesterday just adds to my already too full trove of empirical data.

Who controls the majority, if not the entire entity...

-The United States government-men

-The Russian government-men

-The Ukrainian goverment-men


-Israeli government-men

-The Chinese government-men

-The Iranian government-men




You get the idea.

What is the common denominator causing all of the world's violence, suffering and strife?The decision-making, the directives and actions of men.

The entire written history of the world is a story of men warring, killing, fighting, bombing, committing genocide and butchering. This isn't a piece meant to stir anger, but rather to point out, what if men were "relieved" of their leadership positions? What if Israeli women and Palestinian women were at the negotiation table together? What if I were to one day host a summit at Camp David, where a 2-state solution was finally hammered out? You may laugh or smirk or say this lady has no place entertaining such daydreams, but that---that right there is THE PROBLEM.

What if the US Congress was 70% women and 30% men (instead the opposite which is what we have now)?

Our leadership-based problems, which really are most of our problems, are not intractable. We just have to be open to change and let go of the testosterone-heavy paradigm of government. Men have had a sufficient period of time to show they can create a better world. Time for them to take a break. LymanNabors2024.

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