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"For What It's Worth"

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

There IS something happening here and what it is ain't exactly clear.

I was listening to a podcast yesterday that featured Dr. Jeffery Sachs, professor from Columbia University. Dr. Sachs is an American economist, academic, public policy analyst, and former director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, Throughout his career, he has specialized in sustainable development, economic development, and the fight to end poverty. Because he has been critical of Pres. Biden's Project Ukraine, he has been called a "Putin Apologist." This is entirely insane.

I've already written on this website about The Policy of Flags debate that was held here in Anne Arundel Co.'s school district this summer. Anyone who supported the policy was labeled "bigot." To me, that is one of the more "filthy" labels that can be applied to another human being. It's a low blow and a symptom of a mob mentality that doesn't have a full understanding of what it is and why they're arguing for a certain position.

The opportunities I've taken to express my grave misgivings about Ukraine and Joe Biden how the neo-con agenda is being fulfilled right under our noses, I've received, "Have you been hacked?" messages from democratic acquaintances.

Being a critical thinker, I have never solely relied on the personality cult of the New York Times. I do have a subscription and it is one of my news sources, but I do not read it with blind trust. There is a reality-distortion field surrounding that publication. Thank goodness for the existence of podcasts that has allowed the listener access to a multi-verse of perspectives and insight.

The super-charged smear campaign of RFK Jr. is another stark example of the complicit relationship between the Democratic Elite and the media. If anyone actually took the time to listen to an RFK Jr. interview, or read his speeches (instead of taking the NYT's word for it), one would quickly learn that he is not an "anti-vaxxer." He questions the process through which vaccines are tested and deemed "safe;" he advocates for more research into efficacy and side effects and because he is critical of the FDA and big pharma, they have enacted the premium package smear campaign on his behalf. Because RFK Jr. allows himself to critically and freely question processes that make billions upon billions in profit for the ultra-wealthy, he is branded "crazy." This honestly really, really disturbs me.

If I don't fall in line and echo the words of the mob, then what does that make me? I will always pride myself in being a free-thinker and critical of all sides until I gather for myself enough data to make an informed opinion. One cannot skip this process just because the mob is angry, loud, forceful and public shaming. One has to be exceptionally brave in today's America because the forces of manipulation are at a scale unparalleled in our time.

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