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Fresh from Paris, a New Political Reality

France is an old country, led by young leader; Emmanuel Macron is 45 years old. The United States is a young country, led by an 80 year old Executive with its legislative branch averaging 57.9 years old in the House and 64 years old in the Senate.

I was in Paris, FRA this week to attend a work meeting. There was not a lot of time for pleasure seeking, but my colleague and I did have the opportunity to stroll about the City of Lights. The Old World. The pride of the French people was palpable in the air. The vibrancy. The cafe scenes. As the shadow grew long, we took in the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. Being away always brings home close to mind.

Tracking the historic origins of our country alongside those of France, I thought to myself how young the country of America is relative to most others. In some ways, we are the tweenagers of the geopolitical world scene. We had a strong showing in WWII which accelerated our development and prominence amongst the more ancient governments and societies of the Old World.

We cannot let our American experiment of democracy spoil on the laboratory bench, yet we insist on adding the same reactants time and time again. I cannot fully express the urgency with which we must seek new leadership. Younger voices with more at stake in the course of human events. I respect the older generations tremendously and am endlessly fascinated by their wisdom and experience. (I even considered going into geriatric nursing at one point.). However, I don't think it's a controversial statement to say that our aging legislature is struggling with reacting prudently to current world events and domestic issues. The young people do not want war!

As I was driving home from Dulles yesterday (nothing makes me feel more alive than negotiating 495 at rush hour), I received news that Rep. John Sarbanes will not seek re-election in 2024. This, to me, is a classy and unexpected development as it creates room for a new voice to represent MD03. Peace in Our Lifetime is possible and with yesterday's news, the first puzzle piece has fallen into place.

(Photo Cred-->Coming at you, live from the Louvre! Spectacular.)

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