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I'm Not Perfect & Can Be Awkward as Hell, But I'm Gonna Make the World, MD03 a Better Place

When Is the Last Time a Politician Seemed like a Human Being? I don't know. I don't know the answer to this, though I think I know why that I cannot readily reference any politician alive today. So many lose their humanity when they win elections. The engineered, plastic smile falls into place. The lapel pin wanders from coat to coat. The super imposed familiarity exudes onto us all. Photo ops and awards for awards' sakes are the bread crumbs that we are left with to help us understand if and when the People's work is getting done. It's as there is a public perception that perfection is the only model of leadership. Ironically, it turns us away from the political process; it leaves us skeptical and cynical and feeling like it doesn't matter what puppet, Dem or Repub, gets into office. It's all puppetry.

I had AI generate "a typical American Member of Congress" composite;

<--This is the result. Or is it...

As you visit candidates' websites and social media, how many of them utilize the State of Maryland flag either on their homepage or in their logo? Don't get me wrong. It's a beauty of a flag, but in the context of almost all of the candidates relying on the flag to seem in touch, likeable and relatable, it's a dog whistle for Group Think and "I'm peddling the same old s%&^ when it comes down to it.

Running for office is an experience that is difficult to get a read on. I think if you have any self-awareness, it's an endeavour that inevitably leads to comparison. "How can I be more like the other candidates who enjoy the advantage of Establishment-blessed endorsements, that are raking in cash? That have the slick websites?" (Holy shit, have you seen Tom Royals's website? That thing is like a giant, honking erection. We're gonna blast and bomb and head butt all of our problems into OBLIVION!!! Historically, that approach has worked so well why not just run it back into apocalyptic infinity?) But I return to the self-reflection habit of "What about me is not like the others and how can I remedy this?" That record will skip on repeat until it is intentionally silenced.

This is the "Trance of Unworthiness" that Buddhist psychologist Tara Brach writes about and this is what I'm constantly waking myself up from. The entire purpose of my running for office is because I am not like the other candidates and would rather die different than live similarly. I'm more of a (sober) Hunter S. Thompson than a Hilary Clinton. That's the truth. "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail" about the 1972 presidential election is a huge source of inspiration to me. So is Paul Wellingstone, Bernie Sanders, Shirley Chisolm.

We, the voters, desperately need new perspectives, new personality types, new ideas and new legislative blood in the mix. This most recent session of Congress is DOA. Representatives and Senators are actually retiring it is SO BAD. Think about that for a minute. We have an opportunity this election cycle to really try something new. I truly believe it is was our country is asking us to do. We are familiar to the point of nausea with what the status quo looks like. Vote outside the incumbent. Vote outside the career politician and see how our lives change.

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