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Lyman Nabors Campaign Response to SOTUS: We're All Designated Survivors

Anybody who made it through the Pandemic with half their marbles and were able to soldier on, I applaud you. In fact, anybody that has made it in this country since 9/11, I genuinely commend your efforts.

The designated survivor last night was named Education Secretary Miguel Cardona (member of the president's cabinet held apart from Capitol Hill while the SOTU address is being delivered, who should receive transfer of power if catastrophe should strike).

What the Federal Government is completely blind to is that all of us are designated survivors. We don't have the problem. We're being mismanaged by the d'ohts of the Political Class and the Elite (more or less one in the same-Pelosi comes to mind). Terribly mismanaged. They take 19% of my paycheck (and 8.2% of billionaires' paychecks, according to Pres. Biden) and run around like drunken monkeys bit by a scorpion, doling out Everest-sized mountains of money to military contractors to drop bombs on people 1/2 way around the world I've never met and probably would really like if I did meet them.

But let's examine what is going right in America today because of our leadership at the highest levels?

We're manufacturing solar panels and install charging stations! But we're still shooting each other dead in Walmart.

Credit card companies can now only charge $8 for a late fee! Let's talk about why people use credit cards in the first place and then incur a late fee when they are not able to pay their bill. Hint: C__t of Lv_ng

We're building a floating pier to deliver aid to Gaza while to the East of said-pier we pour resources into aiding the destruction of life.

We insist upon a Two State Solution while giving millions upon millions of tax payer dollars to a psychopathic leader who says he'll never consider a Two State Solution. (Note: My working definition of "psychopath" is someone who doesn't think other people are real.)

Dems also love to be incensed about the Dobbs decision to which I offer an ugly root cause: The DNC had to have HRC in 2016 and completely ignored the mass of Dems voting, supporting and turning out for Bernie. HRC is forced upon the Democratic voters; they protest and Trump wins. Trump installs:

Amy Coney Barrett

Brett Kavanaugh

Neil Gorsuch

33% of the Supreme Court was selected by the dude from the Apprentice! Now wonder everything is so f^&*#@.

Vote Lyman Nabors 2024. Send This Nurse to Washington!

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