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Maryland's 2022 Election Cycle: Who Took $$$$ from AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)?

Hmmmm...waiting for any member of the Maryland Delegation to Congress to publicly denounce 1) the genocide of Palestinians happening right now, this very instant, 2) Take issue with the United States being the sole veto vote on the United Nations Security Resolution to call for a ceasefire this past Friday, and/or 3) Have their mouths form the words "ceasefire" in front of a microphone where people are listening?

But I'll tell you what, I am not waiting on these on-the-take reps to have any guts or courage whatsoever (source:

The above represents the "donations" or I'd like to just cut to the BS and call them bribes from the 2022 election cycle. The first column represents the total amount received, the second column is donations "from members, employees or owners of the organization and those individuals' immediate family members" and the third column is "contributions from a PAC affiliated with the organization or made directly by the organization only when giving to outside groups." By amount, Glenn Ivey tops the list of all House members in 2022. SMH. At least, AIPAC's investment paid off. Nice little ten piece there for Mfume, too. And Hoyer and Rumpelstiltskin? Well, given they have a combined age of 161 years, you know they've been in Israel's pocket since before a lot of us were born.

Just to fill out the portrait of the AIPAC's money machine in Washington: As senators, Joe Biden enjoyed cumulative donations of $4,346,265, the disgraced senator from Jersey Bob Menendez received $2,483,206, and Billary, $2,358,112.

It is important to point out that it is not ONLY Dems that are funded by AIPAC, although they do receive the majority of the donations.

There are many unknowns for myself as a nurse candidate for the House seat in Maryland's 3rd in 2024, BUT I'm proudly willing to bet that AIPAC will not be knocking on my door. If they seek out a candidate in MD03 to support, it will be no doubt be the one most willing to compromise the morality of not killing civilians and committing genocide in support of "Greater Israel," which is what the extreme right-wing government of Bibi states as their end point (read: complete elimination of the Palestinians).

I'll end this with an important truth to keep close at hand: Being critical of Israel DOES NOT make one an anti-semite. Peace can exist for all on this planet. We only have to want it.

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