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More Than Hope: Howard County Shines with Multiculturism and Art at Event to Support New Americans

The evening was a benefit for Luminus, a 501c3 that helps New Americans by offering legal, social, language, and employment services to help them achieve their goals. I attended with a colleague, Dr. Elnaz Ghalechi, who herself is originally from Iran. Here are some images that captured the variety of performances:

Jóvenes en Acción (Frida Kahlo would approve most definitely):

Leslie Ebert:

The Honorable Naimatulla Ahmadzai, 2 x Escapee from the Taliban Regimen in Afghanistan (He said things were so bad in Japan for refugees (being universally shunned) that some considered going back to Afghanistan--that shocked the hell out of me):

Arte Flamenco w/ Michael Perez (guitarist):

Dance Alchemy Baltimore:

Studio Artemis Collective:

And yours truly and my old buddy, Howard Hughes:

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