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Never Felt More Unsettled: Chads Still Hanging

I'm 42 years old and have closely followed American politics for much of my adult. I have never felt more unsettled about our political milieu or political process than I do now. My critical "trip wire" probably was first activated during the Bush v. Gore 2000 election. 537 votes separated Bush from Gore. Secretary of State Katherine Harris halted the re-counting process. She had also been co-chair of George W. Bush's election efforts in Florida. Through sequence of court decisions GW Bush was declared the winner. A little over two years later, the United States engaged in a major military operation in Iraq.

Here we are again, engaged in another military operation; this time, the differences being "by proxy," and in Eastern Europe. There were many that had misgivings about the legitimacy of the 2020 election. Those voices were pigeon-holed as "crazy" and branded as "election deniers." I can empathize with them as I felt the same kind of emptiness following the 2000 presidential election. You just felt in the deepest part of your soul that something lousy had happened and were powerless to change the outcome.

Then 2016, HRC was the DNC-anointed candidate. Bernie was never going to be the candidate. Obama had already swooped in and taken 2008 from her. Not this time.

2024 is already smelling like another DNC-candidate coupe. The extent to which they are desperately trying to discredit any and all challengers to Biden is already reeking up the process even though the election itself is more than a year away.

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