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New Measurement Tool for the Non-Believers

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Sometimes it's difficult to identify a reliable assessment tool to understand where you're at in life. Am I a "good person"? There seems to be a lot of chatter of late on narcissists, but that's not really where this is going. I have developed a proxy for the civic health of our souls. Ask yourself this one question: "Do I speed on the streets of my very own neighborhood?" If no, God Bless You and keep up the safety promoting behaviors. If yes, if yes, why? It is so incredibly dangerous--for children, for pets, for the elderly; really for anyone that is taking moment to be human and just walking with their feet on the Earth. The physics and metaphysics of the situation. I'm going to try to put this as delicately as possible: YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT. Please don't kill the rest of us. It is so easy to modify this behavior. Show your neighbors you care, even when piloting a humanity erasing, unnecessarily oversized fancy box on wheelz. Driving through a neighborhood at 25 mph (20 mph is actually more prudent IMO) is an action related to a statement. What you're saying is "I give a shit!" So far ahead of the curve already. A basic rule to live by when you see that the ultimate goal is to relieve suffering.

We gotta take care of one another. We gotta check on each other. That's Chapter 1 stuff from the Book of Basset. (Back dropped by the chaos of a major house renovation.)

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