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Oxford to London Thoughts: Status Quo? Status No.

For a very long time, I had always thought the lyrics were, "I'm fighting for your children...". While working on this post, I have since learned they are indeed, "I'm frightening for your children." When it comes to my candidacy, I feel that both versions are true. Unless there is a fundamental shift in composition of Congress, the status quo will remain. Is anyone in the mood for the perpetuation of what we're seeing now come out of Capitol Hill? When I filed for my candidacy on October 18th, I had thought I'd be challenging the status quo of the incumbent. I believed so strongly that the Maryland Congressional Delegation needed a woman, needed more diversity of professional background, needed the younger demographic represented that I was the only one to file in District 3 before Rep. Sarbanes announced he would not seek re-election.

This campaign is our opportunity to rebuke the status quo of Establishment Party politics. Let District 3 make a brave statement to the rest of country and send a nurse to Washington.

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