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"When the Truth Is Found/To be lies/And all the joy within you..."

This famous opening to Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody to Love" rattles in my head this morning while I look over lists of US military intervention, reminded of when ISIS was a major force in the Middle East not so long ago. Remember when WWI ended with the Treaty of Versailles? And how Hilter's radicalized thinking was in part born of the humiliation and degradation of the German people, coupled with a disastrous collapse of the their economy, in the period that followed WWI?

It's similar to when there is an infection and a patient doesn't finish their course of antibiotics. The bacterial cells that remain are the strongest and most resistant to the treatment. Then those cell begin to divide and now a "superbug" has been created.

I am not an expert in the Middle East, but I can identify patterns and make connections between similar presenting situations. Is it possibly true that ISIS was in part born of a response to our military interventions in the Iraq and Syria? Of course, this is not a new thesis I am presenting whatsoever. I do want to record here though as an important reminder of the things our gov'n would probably like us to collectively forget. The 24H news cycle is really, really good at encouraging "Goldfish" brain.

Chinese spy balloon, sonic boom, sub to Titanic implodes, wildfire smoke from Canada, Trump indictment, Biden falls, McConnell freezes, Barbie movie, issues of trans rights, abortion battles, affirmative action fails, Bronny has a cardiac arrest...These are just a few news stories that come to mind from the last few months and there are thousands I'm forgetting. Be your own revolutionary: meditate for 5 mins., pray for 5 mins or just get off the screen. Reclaim your humanity. Vote Lyman Nabors in 2024.

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