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Statement on Rep. Sarbanes's Retirement

I wrote this piece on 27OCT23, but was never published until now:

"While I looked forward to challenging the incumbent Rep. John Sarbanes in 2024, I applaud his gracious departure from elected office.  He has been the standard bearer of Democratic politics in District 3 (in all its morphing shapes on the map over time) for the better part of the 21st Century.  He has served his constituents well and faithfully and his desire to pursue non-profit and volunteer work leaves a sizable vacuum in the Maryland Delegation.  Nevertheless, this is THE time to elect a new voices and perspectives in Congress: diversity of professional experience, socioeconomic background, age, gender and priorities.  This is the time to step away from the Democratic Establishment and its pipeline of “who’s-played-party-politics-well-enough” to be “next in line.”  


Addendum: We must elect a representative that most closely understands the issues of our time; I have directly lived many of them them.  As a nurse, educator and farmer, I look forward to adding a valuable and vibrant voice to the 119th Congress. (Go Blue!)

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