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"The Army wants to cut its spending on 155 mm artillery rounds to $174 million in fiscal year 2022"*

Spending in 2021 was $306.3 million. This is what we are spending our tax money on: to kill people or help others kill people.

$174 million represents, per the University of Maryland website, a full year of tuition in the Fall 2023-Spring 2024 academic year for 15,130 resident full-time undergraduate students.

I highlight 155mm artillery shells here because this has been THE weapon of choice in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia so much so that the demand has been difficult to keep up with. Our supplies not doubt will be shunted toward Israel now as that's the new shiny conflict. Project Ukraine has lagged with the all-but-failed counter-offensive dwindling in important and headlines. I'm not making light of war and violence; this is how these sharks think. (I'd like to drop an F bomb here, but I've been told to work on my tone in these posts...)

Mmmm...doesn't the name Rayethon just give you the "warm and fuzzies"? I wonder if they have a mascot. I believe the Department of Defense should return to its original branding as the "War Department" or for a more contemporary feel, "The Oil Procurement Department."

If anyone tries to sell us on the idea that the "Laws of War" will be followed by anyone taking up arms against their neighbor, run. Run fast and hard and don't look back. That's their tell that they are bound by the keepers of the two complexes that keep America stuck:

The Military Industrial Complex and the Political Industrial Complex.

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