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The Priority of the Priorities

Updated: Jan 6

I've had this thought in my head, upon waking, the last few mornings this week. "Living, breathing beings always take priority." This is evidenced in "Fast Facts: Campaign Priorities" on the campaign website.

Gosh, I don't have all the answers and it would be duplicitous of me to pretend that I do. Nevertheless, at the core of my lived-experience epistemology, I have one unshakable belief that I will challenge anyone walking the Earth today on: We are not supposed to be killing each other, over territory, over religions, over forms of government, for exploitative means, so some can get rich and the rest of us are left to mourn.

If you are wholly unfamiliar with what and who BlackRock is, please take a minute to understand how fully and thoroughly, this "multinational investment company" has monkeyed with our American experiment of democracy. You and I have been trying to run this race of making America a better experience with rocks in our pockets.

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