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This Female Candidate Asks Questions Over Being Told, Listens Over Talking At

Census Bureau Data on Howard County:

-Population Estimates (July 2022)=335,411

-Median Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Unit (2017-2021)=$483, 200 (90% confidence interval)

-Median household income=$129,549

The Howard County School District cut bus service to 3,500 students this year. The distance that a student must reside from the school in order to receive bus service was increased to:

We have had three separate incidences of students being attacked/robbed while either waiting for public transportation to take them to school or while walking home from school so far.

This situation can be understood in a complex way or in a very simple way. Why isn't getting students to school safely a #1 priority? What else is more important that is sucking up the budget money? "Efficiency" is official reason for cutting bus service...If one is attacked while in transit to or from school, the association of that trauma with attending school has the potential energy to derail a young person's entire life. Without the benefit of an education, life is harder. What are we doing here that adults are choosing to fail children?

I realize that this issue pertains to a more local flavor of government, but it also represents a data point in the dysfunction of our communities' priorities. The superintendent of Howard County Public Schools makes close to $300,000/year. While the responsibilities and pressures of that position almost surely justify earning almost a million dollars every 3 years, isn't student safety probably the most basic and most foundational of those responsibilities?

Again, I ask, what are we doing here that we are allowing our children to be attacked by rogue and desperate individuals while trying to get to school? We can do better. We have the resources to do better. The question is , "Does the leadership want to do better?" or are accepting of the break-a-few-eggs-to-make-a-cake model? I'm not. I'm not, not when our most precious resource, our children, are the eggs.

Children are my #1 campaign priority. If this sounds like the only version of sanity we work with in the 2024 congressional race in MD03, please consider donating to this campaign. God Bless and have a restful Sunday.

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