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Voting for Biden? Let's talk about Victoria Nuland.

Vietnam taught the Executive Branch of the US gov'n that sending in American ground troops is the 3rd rail of military intervention abroad. The spark to powder keg of protest and unrest in the masses.

"Ms. Nuland spent much of the past year doubling as the acting deputy secretary of state following the retirement of Wendy Sherman, who had held the job for the first two and a half years of the Biden administration.

She had been considered a natural candidate to replace Ms. Sherman on a full-time basis. But Mr. Blinken tapped Kurt Campbell, previously the top National Security Council official for Asia, for the post. Mr. Campbell was confirmed by the Senate on Feb. 6."

Married to "Project for the New American Century" co-founder and neoconservative Robert Kagan, her "retirement" comes after decades in Washington and at a point in time when Project Ukraine has become an out and out unmitigated disaster. All those people dead. Lives utterly destroyed. The Earth with more artillery pockmarks. Decimation everywhere. I'm not sure how the US conceived of this turning out. Maps are helpful. Russia has the advantage of living right next to the conflict zone. Russia will 100% win a war of attrition, every time. Why do we have to throw human bodies into the meat grinder in the meantime to prove Russia correct? The entire West cannot produce enough artillery shells to meet the demands of the Ukrainian army. The sanctions did not work.

We cannot regard every situation as a nail to be hammered on by some predictable and unfortunate partnership between the military contractors on the other side of the Potomac, the US Gov'n and (insert other country across one of two large oceans).

We need more women, more humanitarians and more people who think. Listen, consider. Take stock in the resources we have, prioritize to whom should receive them and confidently distribute based on the will of the people. Is expansion of Russia into Ukrainian territory a preferable scenario? At first glance, I can say, hell no! But why is it an American priority over so many other terrible, pressing problems we have here? The Domino Theory did not provide a proof of concept in either Korea or Vietnam.

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