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What The Hell Is A Neo-Con Anyway?

Prologue: Condaleeza Rice, the Secretary of State under GW, who pre-Secretary of State sat on the Board of Chevron, had a freaking 129,000-ton oil tanker NAMED AFTER HER, pre-Invasion of Iraq. In 2001, the tanker was "quietly" renamed Altair Voyager, after a star--how cute. Jesus Christ Almighty.

The word, "Neo-Con," is tossed around a lot depending upon one's media sources and the circles one circulates around in. It's rarely defined by those using it as I guess they all assume those-in-the-know, know. My husband for one gets super annoyed when I use it. To him, there is some type of illegitimate, conspiracy-sounding tinge to it. He advises me not to use it when talking to voters as I think his concern is that is delegitimizes whatever else it is I have to say. I do understand his position in a way.

So I'm going to define it here as I think it is a very valuable concept in understanding the United States' geopolitical let's call it "activity" for much of my lifetime. Any candidate with a conscience for federal office in 2024 should be able to fluently explain the concept of "neo-con" and provide illustrative examples of why neo-conservatism is a cause of our problems and unfortunately, not the solution. (Before I quit drinking, the old adage of alcohol being the cause of and solution to all my problems used to always produce a wry laugh in my mind.)

One version of the origin story of the (American Revolution) was that (we) were being (oppressed) by the (British) government, both foreign and tyrannical, that did not listen to the People and in fact, wanted its loyal subjects to STFU and just give everything to (The Crown) that (The Crown) wanted. (The colonies) were a source of revenue and evidence of an expanding and powerful (British) Empire.

Remember Mad Libs? I still love a good Mad Lib so here's one for us to sip our coffee over:

"One version of the origin story of the __1. (pick a historical revolution or invasion)___ was that ___2. (pick a nationality)___ were being ___(chose oppressed or exploited)___ by the ___3. (pick imperialist nationality)___government, both foreign and tyrannical, that did not listen to the People and in fact, wanted its loyal subjects to STFU and just give everything to ___4. (same as 3.)___ that ___5. (same as 3)___ wanted. ___6. (same as 2.)_______ were (or was) a source of revenue and evidence of an expanding and powerful ___7. (same as 3.)___ Empire."

The Cuban Revolution works. The 2003 Invasion of Iraq works. The US-backed ousting of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya works. Basically, if it is a country predominantly of black or brown people + oil or black and brown people + a brewing socialist or communist movement, the US CIA and military is there. As Dave Chappelle playing Black Bush slipped during a press conference, "Gotta get that oil! I mean *fake cough* hoil!" Most often, the oppression of the local population and resource-robbing is trojan horsed as "spreading democracy" and "liberating." God, the optics of the US soldiers ripping down the Saddam statue. If you zoom in closer, you'll see an Exxon Mobile truck backing up to the oil fields and staking its claim.

I could write close to a dissertation on why all of this is of the most supreme evil doing (like pre-purchasing an all-inclusive package in Hell--WiFi is extra though). But for me, what it comes down to is that neo-conservativism has turned America into exactly what America revolted against in its primacy. We have become what we fought against. We have become what we hated. I see the same thing happening in Israel. Israel was created when the British mandate over Palestine (which is another topic all together) expired in 1948. The genocide of the Jewish people in WWII fed the need for a Jewish state and I guess at the time seemed like the right thing to do. Now Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, with the aid of the US. With the wrong type of leadership, we are led into an existence of hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy, to me, is intolerable. Modern-day America and its leadership have no integrity. My working definition of integrity is when your actions follow your beliefs and I'll add no matter what. We are a hollow country, a hollow people. Can't you feel it in the air? Doesn't it make you sick on some level, even if it's subconscious? Well, I intend to work the rest of my days in changing the vibe for us here at home and America abroad. After serving in Congress no more than 10 years (yes, I'm a rare self-term limiting bird), you better believe ambassador to England is on my agenda. I'm polite and a good listener (the nurse in me), but when it comes to those who have spit on the grave of what my grandfather fought against in the Pacific Theater in WWII (imperialism), it's deeply personal and I'm coming for you.

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