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What We Have to Keep

We have to keep our Freedom. Our Freedom of Thought and Expression. If we lose this, this whole thing becomes utterly empty and pointless and in turn, our lives utterly empty and pointless. I think that's why we're so afraid these days. This fear manifests in different appearances. Hate, depression, confusion, violence, willful ignorance. rage. It's the animal who is out of options who strikes back. But the thing of it is, we have options! 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. chooses not to see or use them as there's only really one way to feed the monkey of the Military Industrial Complex. Congress is too busy slap fighting itself and all the Dems just keep votin' for those gagillions of dollars to go to I don't know where (apparently, not many do as was determined in multiple, laughable DOD audits). The low hanging fruit is that they're probably going to Ukraine? Taiwan? Nevertheless, it's a fact of God that we do not have to blow up people just like me and you with 155mm shells or missiles or remote controlled rocket drones or whatever the hell they are. That is so fucking rude. I don't want the money I earn from conducting research into helping people with kidney disease to be scraped off the top of my paycheck, only to have it pay for killing people in other countries that I don't know, have done nothing to me and frankly, with whom I have no quarrel. This aggression will not stand. As a citizen of the United States, I would like to send a greetings of brotherhood to the people of China and of Russia. I think the majority of us know in our heart of hearts that we would rather have our own lives prosper than to make those of another country suffer. It's just that our leaders are power-hungry, crazy dicks who to try legitimize their relevancy and necessity through conflict and violence. "Oh, great Father-Protector-Hero, please defend and save us from the 'enemies' that you yourself have created through greedy and subpar leadership...where would we be without?" L. O. L.

I remind us all that St. Augustine stated, unequivocally, that God is most eloquently revealed to us through Creation. And don't give me any of that creation through destruction BS. Among my many qualifications for Office, I was a philosophy major. I will take you on. Like Ghengis Khan wearing Sean John in Butan.

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