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Who's Tired of Being Messed With?

Just words today. No pictures.

I want to know the Truth. I want to know the Whys. I want to know who has our Best Interest in mind and who's overly selfish and greedy. I want to know who has been selling out America for their own personal, twisted reasons. Information is endless on these inquiries, but that only confounds the conclusions. Sometimes the Grey Lady is so bias, I cannot believe it is a professional publication. I always mourned a little when their front page went color. And I'll never recover from the downsizing of the printed version of Rolling Stone. Then there's podcasts, but podcasts themselves still have a no-matter-how-minimal fringy tone. Various news sources seem to think the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live presents us a meaningful version of the current events (during Election Season, the parodies of candidates are more widely broadcast than what the actual candidates are saying-just as well). I even venture to Breitbart a few times a year, whose homepage is typically littered with photos of AOC (they love AOC in this weirdly obsessive, outwardly toxic way). So where does the Truth lie? "Somewhere in the middle," people love to quip. But what if there is no middle? The middle started to ulcerate after Trump took ahold of the presidency. The accusations surrounding election fraud after 2020 was our apoptosis of the America we'd know most of our lives in some version.

What are we going to do? Like sand running through the fingers of an open palm, we don't have a lot of time, people. We don't have 10-20 years to invest in a political bot with a hom hum message and a plan to play it safe and hang framed pictures of herself and Nancy Pelosi* smiling together in her office. What we have left will die under that cloudy leadership. We need to send a woman to Washington, who wants to be heard. Who wants to do it for all of us in District 3, and with grace, quality, good humor and for Pete's sakes, a little of class. "You get more bees with honey than vinegar." I am proposing that we put some faith in this plucky nurse. I'm serious; if I was reviewing a list of candidates and a "plucky nurse" was in the running, my pen would stop there. Who else do you want advocating for you in the halls of Congress other than a disarming and cute junkyard dog?

*I know her dad was mayor of Baltimore, a city that is near and dear to my history, but I just don't get down with Nancy. She is WAY TOO RICH and has been in office way too long to even believe her eyes when they blink.

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