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The World Can Be Different

Updated: Jan 19

I am involved with helping a lovely woman I met recently access the application process for a Habitat for Humanity home in Anne Arundel County.

I came across this one the HFH website:

I am 100% serious about this line of extemporaneous thought: The US Gov't prints money when it more or less feels like it. Our debt/deficit/that big looming stormy psychic cloud of Financial Irresponsibility that hangs over our nation even the sunniest of days numbers in the trillions (that's a lot of zeros, people; maybe as many zeros as stars in the sky or grains of sand on the beach). We work. We're taxed and left without enough to afford even food and/or clothing. Our American experience does not have to be like this. It doesn't. Let's throw off the Trance and become a nation rightfully proud of its struggle and progress.

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