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Why Invasive Plant Species Really Mess Things Up

The 2024 Invasive Plant Bill that is in the Maryland State House right now is incredible. MD House Delegate Linda Foley and MD State Senator Ben Brooks are sponsors of this bill that effectively removes all the silliness of the previous iterations of Maryland Invasive Plant Legislation, doing away with a "tier" system where the majority of plants are kind of, pretty much, mostly prohibited, but still available at Home Depot. The buck stops now and I love it.

A big factor that exacerbated the fires in Hawaii this past August were invasive grasses that grow all over Maui. Invasive species not only create instability and imbalance in nature's otherwise finely tuned self-control, they literally can be and are kindling to help burn your home down. Think about that for a min. There is urgency to this moment.

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