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Wonder What Malcolm X Would Say

Interesting documentary to come out. Episode 1 aired last night. I've read a lot about Malcolm X. Yes, he was a leader assassinated in the 1960s so in the theme of the documentary, he fits in that regard. His outspoken comments following the JFK assassination ("Chickens coming home to roost") were the first cracks in the picture window between Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad, the leadership of the Nation of Islam (now that guy's bio will really blow your mind BTW). He was critical of MLK Jr.'s strategies as a civil rights leader. Malcolm X had an entirely different take on how to approach Black and White co-existence, which was essentially, there can't be co-existence. If you know his full story, you cannot but help respect his understanding of what America looks like to those outside the Power Structure. (There are stories of RFK hosting groups of prominent Black Americans at his father's apartment in New York City, trying to understand the priorities of Black America in the 1960s. The famous author James Baldwin was one of those who basically said, "Look at where were holding this meeting. Your father's fancy Manhattan apartment. This is a joke." ) I don't have any profound conclusion about all of this right now, only that we become stronger when we learn about history, from multiple angles, from multiple narratives and keep our minds open even when faced with truths that make us uncomfortable.


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