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Attended My 1st Iftar and as an Extended Feature, A Panel on Hindu Nationalism in India

The Elkridge Branch of the Howard County Library System did not disappoint last night. It provided an opportunity to attend a low-on-the-ceremony iftar and I had my first ever BBQ chicken quesadilla (I'm almost positive that was BBQ sauce).

Met another candidate in the field, Malcolm Colombo. Real nice guy and Ashley, his partner (?), was very gracious too. Best of luck to Malcolm. I've always had a spot soft for engineers as my father is a mechanical engineer.

This Hindutva situation. Incredible how MAGA and Christian Nationalism spreads worldwide and sparks (or in some cases, re-sparks) its own custom formulation based on country and religious groups. I've always thought Modi to be a rat and it still gives me heartburn to know we spent taxpayer money on a State Dinner to wine and dine him (basically as a-mint-on-the-pillow to counter Putin's relationship building with India and the nascent BRICS alliance).

The event was hosted by HoCo Our Revolution. I got to meet quite a few of the attendees and the campaign bookmarks were well received. As your candidate for Congress, I am open to new information and knowledge at every opportunity. Invite me and I'll be there.

The evening's panel included:

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