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My Campaign Priorities:

1) Prioritize Our Children:
Enact the same protections for our public schools that we have in place for our federal buildings. 
Make universal Pre-K
 a reality. 
Make universal a Public University education.

2) Protection and Preservation of Native Ecosystems:
The only noble modern day warfare is the war on invasive species.  When All of It is the same, none of it works.

3) Care and Consideration of Our Seniors:
Create a Culture of "No One Dies Alone" and legislation in support of it.

4) Place Mental Health Care on the Forefront:
All workers paying federal taxes receives a federally mandated
1-week/year of mental health leave.  Support union organizing and reformation of labor laws with bills such as Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021.  

5) A Harriet Tubman Memorial on the National Mall:
A Marylander and an American of this extraordinary caliber comes along but once in a country's history.  Let's get this done.  We create the world we want to experience.  

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