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The SBAR in Washington D.C.

Situation: Too many career politicians, that are too embedded and too far removed from the Real World.   

When politicians become more concerned with being re-elected than what is in the best interest for the American people, you get Joe Biden standing on stage with GW while they sold us, the American people, the lousiest pound of bologna ever extruded (H. J. Resolution 114).  This is not a coincidence, y'all!  And I'm sorry, is he taking a sneaky nap???

In the 2020 presidential campaign, there were overall 27 different candidates running at one time or another. 

In 2020, the DNC threatened Dems with another Trump term and JB as the ONLY option to defeat Trump.  I'm trying to remember why that was exactly.  That's right.  He was the most entrenched old white guy up on the stage.  Stay the course!  Don't divert from the paradigm!  


The SBAR in Washington D.C.

Background:  Those in power tend to stay in power, unless outside forces act upon them.  It's difficult for these "outside forces" to act upon them because mega-bucks + nepotism rule our electoral process. 

Unless we have turnover in Congress, our "representative democracy" as it stands, is little more than crowd control, photo-ops and prolapsed seat swapping between uncles, fathers and sons.  We deserve better!  

The SBAR in Washington

"If you want it, you gotta see it with a clear-eyed view"--Meek Mill

What are we looking at here?

Assessment: Things are not good, people.  Not good.  And they're getting worse.  We are witnessing "the slow undoing of those human rights to which this nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world."  (RIP JFK)  We are at a stage in our country's existence where the chronic priority of greed and power have put our society in the proverbial ICU.  Symptoms of this political industrial complex-derived syndrome?  Riots, mass shootings, mass incarceration, trillion dollar student loan and credit card debt, federal gov'n debt, the fraught relationship between police departments and the communities they serve, unacceptable levels of maternal morality, a catastrophic pandemic response, polluted water, perpetually intervening in conflicts abroad (i.e. permanent war economy), women's rights rollbacks, the opioid crisis, $7 bags of tater tots and... 



Recommendation: As I have stated previously, the monolithic-sized challenges of our time, are systems problems.  The way I look at it, the first input to the solution is leadership, integrity and a relationship to the people one is serving.  While not immediately associated with the nurses, nurses are first and foremost leaders.  We lead in all that happens regarding a patient's care.  Nurses run the hospital.  Not doctors, NOT administrators, not the zillion of VPs and vice deans.  We advocate for what's best for the patient, work with families and effect real outcomes.  We see the humanity in our patients and the empathy that is created out of that privilege is undeniable.  I am recommending a "shift change" in District 3 in 2024 so that new energy, new ideas, new passion and a new advocate has the ability step up to that Congressional mic and let the truth ring like a basset hound banging on the ivories.  I intend to to infuse the language of peace into the halls of Congress so relentlessly, I'll have Kevin McCarthy (or another white, male Republican) running from the gavel while shouting, "Fine!  Okay!  Whatever you want!  Just leave me alone!"  There is gravity and seriousness behind these comical daydreams.  I'd love to discuss my plan with you.  

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