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To the Citizens
of Maryland's 3rd District:

Let's Begin to Deconstruct the Collective Ego Mass of Congress. 
The Death of Its Ego is our only hope.

As a nurse, I understand that when we negotiate and legislate from the emotional drive of the sympathetic nervous system, that is to say, the menu of “fight/flight/freeze” options, our ability to make the best choices, innovate with new ideas and to make this country better (I mean really better) is extremely limited, if not, non-existent.  We see it on the House floor; representatives railing against the crisis du jour, who seem to mistake finger pointing, name blaming, interrupting, calling for impeachments left and right and forming special, multimillion dollar committees as constituent advocacy.  Some may even understand this to be their "job."  Most of it is just really bad, expensive theater.

It is against the better angels of our nature that our tax money, from our paychecks, is employed by the federal government to fuel violence waged here and the world over, against civilians.  Regimen change may remove certain men from power, but women, children and the elderly are the real victims in armed conflicts.  This has always been the case.   

The misallocation of our taxes is the core problem and fuels the massive dumpster fire that is the federal gov'n.  The billions poured into congressional campaigns by lobbyists and PACs and the absence of term limits are the other two gangrene wounds infecting Capitol Hill.  The Dome of the Capitol?  Filled with quid pro quo pus.

My unwavering belief is that the children of District 3 deserve the highest quality leadership and a dynamic and new voice that legislates with one crucial goal in mind: To create an America we are proud to hand off to the next generation. I am here to represent Maryland’s 3rd congressional district to the rest of the nation, to show what we’re doing well, what we can offer to our fellow Americans by example and inspiration and to secure the financial support our district has earned the right to request and put to good use. 

To change the output, we need to change the input so to the current members of Congress: Please tell your expensive leather office chair to get ready for a new ass print.


​​​​Kristin Lyman Nabors, BSN, RN

for Congress 2024

Maryland's 3rd District

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